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About Kaleidoscope Science

Kaleidoscope Science Education delivers engaging & entertaining live science shows to schools, preschools & vacation care. Established in 2014 by Mitchell Serena, Kaleidoscope Science is the culmination of Mitch's years of experience visiting thousands of schools across New South Wales as part of CSIRO's former science outreach program.

For a decade, Mitchell Serena (BSc. Physics, UNSW) has been absorbed in great science stories and lucky enough to share them with tens of thousands of delighted young Australians. His expertly crafted live shows have wowed spectators at events, schools, on television (including Seven Network's Saturday Disney and Network Ten's Studio 10) and online. He takes important scientific concepts and explains them with humour, storytelling and amazing demonstrations that excite the senses. Mitch's eye for detail and taste for quality means that every incursion you book will be exactly what he promises - an enriching, inspiring and fun learning experience for your students that will leave them with a big smile and an even bigger sense of curiosity.


VIDEO: Mitch Serena makes liquid nitrogen ice cream for the Studio 10 live audience

Studio 10 - April 9, 2015
Courtesy Network Ten

Understanding is joyous
— Carl Sagan

Images and videos courtesy Network Ten, CSIRO, Carl Davies and Andrew Smith