Vacation Care, OOSH & Public Events

Book a live science show for your vacation care, OOSH or public event and amaze your audience! Nothing beats impressive, engaging and highly visual demonstrations to inspire and entertain your audience. We can customise all aspects of the show to suit the venue, audience size, timing and age group.

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Latest reviews:


  • Liquid nitrogen - famous demonstrations including shrinking a balloon, making clouds and smashing an "unbreakable" rubber ball
  • Dry ice - exploring the strange properties of frozen carbon dioxide
  • Rockets - launch various kinds of rockets
  • Fireball - creating combustion using flour
  • Chemical reactions - fizzing, frothing and colour changing concoctions
  • Elephant's toothpaste - an expanding "worm" of steaming foam grows out of nowhere
  • Colourful explosion - dry ice is used to blast hundreds of colourful soft-play balls into the air

* Demonstrations performed will be customised to suit your requirements. These are suggested demonstrations that are typically suitable for public events.


$550 per show


For most venues, such as school halls, a maximum of 100 children per show is ideal. If your venue is suitable, we can certainly perform the show to a larger audience. For specially designed theatres, tiered learning spaces or performance auditoriums, you are welcome to fill your venue to capacity. You may consider breaking the large group up into two smaller groups to give your students a better experience, but this is up to you.

Running Time & scheduling tips

  • Show runs for 60 minutes
  • Consecutive shows will require a 10 minute reset period
  • Allow a further 60 minutes for set up and 45 minutes for pack up


Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle & Lower Hunter.

What we'll need at your venue:

  • Indoor venue (hall is ideal) with power outlet & space for students to sit
  • Access to sink with hot water before & after each show (eg. kitchen, staff room etc.)
  • Accessible off-street parking for the duration of our visit, allowing for a 1-hour set up and pack up time

Understanding is joyous
— Carl Sagan

Photograph: Carl Davies