Tiny Scientists

Science workshop for preschools & kindergartens

Science is about discovering the world, finding patterns and wondering "why?" This immersive workshop gives your early learners a safe, exciting and wonder-filled environment in which to explore, discover and be young scientists.

The workshop features over twenty hands-on experiments designed to engage the senses plus an entertaining final show to bring it all together. Step back and watch your students engage with the activities in their own unique and creative ways. Plus it's a great chance to take some fun, colourful photos.

Your students will leave our workshop with a big smile and an even bigger sense of curiosity.


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  • Giant Hoberman sphere (large enough for children to climb inside)
  • Rocket launches
  • Fizzing, bubbling chemical reactions
  • Musical demonstrations
  • Surprising sounds, colours and moving objects
  • Investigation and exploration
A sample of the hands-on science activities and experiments your preschool students will explore as part of Kaleidoscope Science's "Tiny Scientists" program.


Movement & gravity:

  • Hopping kangaroos
  • Diving squid
  • Tornado tube
  • Flipping frogs
  • Gyro wheel
  • Pitch switch balls
  • Pinart box
  • Balancing birds
  • Stomp rocket
  • Obedient can
  • Hoberman sphere
  • Giant Hoberman sphere (demonstration)
  • Gearation
  • Teabag rocket (demonstration)
  • Balancing monkeys


  • Battery circuit


  • Magnetic marbles
  • Magnetic sculptures
  • Magnetic maze
  • Horseshoe magnets

Light and colour:

  • Kaleidoscope
  • Crazy lens
  • Colour changing square
  • Bendy mirror
  • Giant bendy mirror
  • Periscope


  • Boomwhackers
  • Giggle tube
  • Music box
  • Musical straw (demonstration)

* Activities will be customised to suit age group, student numbers and available space

Price (FROM 1 july 2017):

  • $350 including GST for a single session (up to 40 children)
  • $550 including GST for two back-to-back sessions

Service Area:

Sydney metropolitan


Up to 40 children per session

Age range:

3-5 years - minimum participation age is 3 years.

Running Time & scheduling tips

  • Workshop runs for 60 minutes
  • Consecutive sessions can be scheduled back-to-back
  • Allow a further 30 minutes for set up and 20 minutes for pack up

What we'll need at your Centre:

  • A room with lots of tables for activities (7 large tables or 10 small tables)
  • Space for students to sit during introduction and final show

We come to you ✓

Flexible with dates, session times & student numbers ✓

Fully insured & risk assessments available ✓

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