"This show is outstanding. Students will be enthralled from the first minute to the last. Perfect balance between fact and fun. Can't wait until next year!"


"The Solid, Liquid, Gases and Plasma show is outstanding. I can guarantee students will be enthralled from the first minute to the last minute. Mitch is a highly skilled presenter and clearly passionate about Science education. He has crafted his shows to achieve a perfect balance between fact and fun. Mitch perceptively works out what your students already know and uses this as a starting point for his questioning. Everyone (staff included) will leave his show having learned something new. He not only delivers information about content, he also teaches the skills involved in investigating scientifically. Mitch differentiates his shows so they are age appropriate. The use of a camera and screen ensures all students can see small changes in experiments. Mitch has visited our school on four occasions now and has been written into the school program for many years to come. Thank you - can't wait until next year."

- Elizabeth Imlay
Greenwich Public School
Greenwich, NSW