The Chemistry Show


An exciting and highly visual exploration of chemical reactions & products. Featuring many classic chemical demonstrations plus a few surprises, this show will cover concepts including exothermic & endothermic reactions, changes of state, colour changes, catalysts, combustion, redox, polymers and more.



  • The Magic Jug - mysterious colour changes

  • Polymerisation and expanding foam

  • Disappearing water

  • Elephant's toothpaste and catalysts

  • Combustion reactions

  • Clock and oscillating clock reactions

  • Rainbow column and dry ice

  • Flame test

  • Luminol and chemiluminescence

*Demonstrations performed will be customised to suit the audience and may depend on venue or time constraints.


$5.50 per student with a minimum daily price of $550 (all inclusive of GST)


Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle & Lower Hunter


3-5 classes per show

Age range:

Years 7-10

Running Time & scheduling tips

  • Show runs for 60 minutes
  • Consecutive sessions will require a 20 minute reset period
  • Allow a further 60 minutes for set up and 60 minutes for pack up

What we'll need at your school:

  • Indoor venue with power outlet & space for students to sit
  • Access to sink with running water before and after each show
  • Accessible off-street parking for the duration of our visit, allowing for a 1-hour set up and pack up time.

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Understanding is joyous
— Carl Sagan

Photographer: Vanessa Hill